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A cable car connecting Esch to Belval soon?

A cable car system from Ech to Belval? Why not, says Alderman Jean Tonnar.
A cable car system from Ech to Belval? Why not, says Alderman Jean Tonnar.
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The idea of a cable car connecting Esch-sur-Alzette town centre and Belval, has surfaced once again while Jean Tonnar, responsible for Esch cultural projects and the town's alderman, gave an interview with Radio 100,7 regarding the town's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2020.

Since his interview, Tonnar's phone hasn't stopped ringing, he said on Thursday. A staunch supporter of the idea, he underlined the arguments for a cable car link as “ecological, fast and it would be a tourist attraction.”

Cabins for eight to ten people

The cable car idea has not been plucked from thin air though, as the Esch's cultural authority visited Koblenz in Germany recently to study a similar system there; however, for Esch “the cabins should not be so big, but smaller for eight to ten people,” said Tonnar, adding that bicycles and wheelchairs should be able to fit in the cabins.

A feasibility study has now been implemented with strict criteria being taking into consideration. The link should be as direct as possible in a straight line, but at the same time should not pass over houses.

When it was mentioned that trains already connect Esch station with Belval in 15 minutes, Tonnar replied that the cable car would travel much more often. It would in fact be constant. “For a concert at the Rockhal it could run every three minutes.”

The feasibility study should now answer not only technical questions, but also those related to costs. This should cover not only how much construction costs, but also the maintenance and day-to-day running. This will be decisive as to whether the project gets off the ground.

If the project proves successful, the goal would then be for it to be completed for 2022 at the latest, providing Esch's candidacy for European Capital of Culture is accepted.

Do you think a cable car system is a good idea between Esch-sur-Alzette town centre and Belval? We'd love to know your opinion. 

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