Cattenom incident upgraded

Photo: LW archive

A systems failure which took place last year at the Cattenom nuclear power plant has been reclassified to a level 1 incident.

The incident, which took place on November 11, 2012 and was initially given a rating of 0 out of 7 (the lowest) on the INES safety scale.

However, it was upgraded to a level 1 incident in a meeting by management on January 10 because of the discovery of several anomalies on the clamp for the control rods clusters.

A blockage to the control cluster resposible for powering the reactor at production unit No. 2 was first discovered during the restart of reactor operations last year.

The source of the fault was traced to a faulty screw on the control rod cluster. The anomaly was reported to the Nuclear Safety Authority and 64 other clusters were reviewed and found to be fully functioning.

The Luxembourg government said that this incident had no impact on the safety of the plant located on the Luxembourg-France border.