Breakthrough in adoption law reform for same-sex couples

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(CS) The Luxembourg justice commission on Wednesday spoke out in favour of extending the family law reform to allow same-sex couples to adopt children in a closed adoption procedure.

A draft of the law had foreseen that same-sex couples could adopt through an open procedure only, in which biological and adoptive parents have information on one another and the possibility for contact. In a closed adoption procedure, meanwhile, the record of the birth parents is kept sealed.

Heterosexual couples have access to both types of adoption.

The State Council recently issued a critical verdict of the plan to bar same-sex couples from closed adoption. It recommended that the entire adoption laws, including the difference between open and closed adoption, should be reviewed in the long-term.

However, the justice commission said that reviewing adoption laws would not be possible until the next legislature. Instead, it suggested opening up both types of adoption to all couples.

Justice Minister Octavie Modert said that the commission had wanted a simple and practical solution. The DP and “déi Gréng” welcomed the decision, while the CSV commented that it needs to discuss the issue internally, as it goes beyond the 2009 government programme.

However, CSV parliamentary group president Gilles Roth said that closed adoption should be possible for all couples, should international law permit this.

Some countries do not allow children to be adopted by homosexual couples. This week, for example, Russia's parliament voted for an adoption ban for foreign same-sex couples.