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Flybe axes Luxembourg-Birmingham flights but boosts Manchester

If you are a regular flyer from Luxembourg to Manchester or Birmingham with Flybe, you can't have failed to notice that all flights stop at the end of October, according to its website. So what are the company's plans for the two routes?

Goodbye Birmingham

When contacted by Wort, Flybe press spokesperson Katie Griffiths confirmed that flights to and from Birmingham with the company would stop at the end of October due to lack of demand.

"Flybe regularly reviews the commercial viability of all its routes in line with its strategy to optimise its network," she said.

"This has resulted in some changes being made to its 2017-18 winter programme on services where passenger numbers have remained below projections such as Birmingham to Luxembourg, which will not operate this winter."

It was unclear whether the Luxembourg-Birmingham route could return for summer 2018, but, because "passenger numbers have remained below projections" for the flights, it is unlikely to be renewed.

The Wort has requested clarification from Flybe on this point but has so far not received a reply.

More flights to Manchester

A year ago, flights between Luxembourg and Birmingham with Flybe began
A year ago, flights between Luxembourg and Birmingham with Flybe began
Photo: Flybe

It seems that, with the end of Birmingham flights, Flybe has turned its attention to Manchester, a route that has proved popular for 2017, with more flights being added.

The website, however, does not show flights beyond October, as timetables are still being finalised.

"Flybe's Manchester-Luxembourg route will continue to operate for 2017-18 winter, with additional frequency on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, meaning it will operate every day except Saturdays," said Griffiths.

"Seats will be available for booking shortly."

And for those looking beyond winter and into summer next year, the future looks good for the Manchester route.

In a statement from Flybe via its Facebook page, the response was positive: "Flybe is currently in the process of finalising the summer schedule."

For more information, visit the website, where the new timetables will appear soon.

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