Avenue de la Liberté

Sun shines on military parade

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(CS) The sun shone from blue skies on Monday, as crowds thronged the pavements on Avenue de la Liberté to cheer on the Grand Ducal family during the traditional military parade.

Grand Duke Henri and Crown Prince Guillaume quickly changed into their uniforms after the morning's official National Day ceremony at the Grand Théâtre, and headed straight to Avenue de la Liberté.

Outside the former Arbed building a podium welcomed the high guests and provided the best view on the spectacle, which saw scores of vehicles roll down the City street towards the central train station.

Luxembourg's police force, army, fire brigade, rescue and emergency services were part of the parade that also included some four-legged helpers.

The military parade did not mark the end of National Day celebrations, however, as the Grand Ducal family still had the Te Deum at Notre Dame Cathedral and an evening reception at the palace to look forward to.