Asbestos scare

Jean Monnet building should be evacuated, says Bettel

Photo: Romain Schanck

(ADW) After an announcement that a large amount of asbestos has been discovered  in the Jean Monnet building in Kirchberg, leased to the European Commission, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has stated that an evacuation order should be issued as soon as possible.

The fact that it has now been confirmed three cases of “occupational disease” diagnosed in employees who worked in the building, are directly connected to the presence of asbestos, makes the situation all the more serious and urgent.

The greatest current problem is where to rehouse the 1,600 Commission employee currently working out of the Jean Monnet building, as the planned construction of Jean Monnet 2 has not even begun and its completion is only expected in 2022.

Photo: Maurice Fick

Asbestos used in the structure of the building has already caused three cases of severe occupational disease. "We are doing our best to make sure that these people are receiving good medical care", stated a European Commission spokesman responsible for the case. He went on to say that there is "no imminent danger" but "we need to leave the building once the lease ends in 2014".

The Jean Monnet building is owned by the "Fonds d'Urbanisme et d'Aménagement du Plateau du Kirchberg," a public institution whose protection depends on the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

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