Archduke Christoph marries Adélaïde in Nancy

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(CS) Archduke Christoph of Austria, godson of Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri, married long-time love Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch in a ceremony on Saturday morning.

The pair had already tied the knot in a civil ceremony on Friday afternoon at Nancy town hall.

Crowds of people had flocked to the St Epvre Basilica on a cold but sun-shiny Saturday morning to see the arrival of the bride and other high guests, which included the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg.

The groom, 24-year-old Archduke Christoph is the son of Princess Marie-Astrid, the Grand Duke's sister, and cousin of Crown Prince Guillaume and his siblings. Prince Louis acted as one of Christoph's witnesses.

Also in attendance were Princess Stéphanie and newly engaged couple Prince Félix and Claire Lademacher.

After the ceremony the bridal couple, together with their guests, made their way to the Nancy town hall in Place Stanislas where they made an appearance together on the balcony and pleased the waiting crowds with a kiss.

While not a royal herself, the 23-year-old bride comes from a well-established French family of diplomats.

The bride's dress was made by Parisian designer Diane Lelys, while the tiara belongs to the Grand Ducal family.

The wedding on Saturday was the third big wedding for the Grand Ducal family this year. Earlier in the year, Christoph's brother Archduke Imre had married his American girlfriend Kathleen Walker in Washington DC, followed by the nuptials of Crown Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie.