Apple CEO Tim Cook calls to thank Luxembourg resident

“I was so surprised, and it took me several hours after the call to realise what had just happened”

Henrique Xavier gets call from Tim Cook
Henrique Xavier gets call from Tim Cook

Who said the big international corporations have lost that personal touch? Certainly that’s the impression one gets when you try the call big businesses and are faced with automatic answering machines with confusing lists of numbers you have tap out before, if you are lucky, you’re put in a queue to talk to a human being.

A Luxembourg resident, however, was surprised on Friday afternoon when the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, called him directly to thank him for an email sent just 2 days earlier. Henrique Xavier employee of Banque Safra in Luxembourg, stated “I was so surprised, and it took me several hours after the call to realise what had just happened”.

In fact, Henrique had sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook frustrated with the fact that many people have multiple accounts with Apple, not because they want to, but because it’s currently a must if you want to use all their services. His email entitled “iCloud + Apple ID switching is not a clever idea” seemed to have hit a chord with Tim Cook.

Henrique pointed out that with the recent launch of iCloud and iOS 5 upgrade software on 12 October, everyone has at least 2 Apple ID’s, one before Apple’s “MobileMe” was launched, and one after. “Now, people have a library that has been split in half and we can't take advantage of the new features of iOS 5” he stated.

Tim Cook’s response was swift, and telephoning Henrique in Luxembourg direct from Apple HQ in Cupertino explained, “Thank you very much for your email, and I just want you to know we are aware of this issue and are working on it”. Although stunned by the call, Henrique realised that this was not a prank call, as this was something Steve Jobs was renowned for in the past

Since then however, Apple in Ireland have also contacted Henrique Xavier regarding Tim Cook’s email as it appears his message sent ripples around the company. Now he has a direct line for future ideas, advice and even criticisms he may wish to donate to the computer giants. “I’m just waiting for them to give me future products for free to test”, Henrique concluded with a wink.