Free public transport for students in Luxembourg

Students will be able to travel free of charge no matter where they study
Students will be able to travel free of charge no matter where they study
Photo: Lex Kleren

A long-cherished wish of the ACEL Student Association will come true on Tuesday: from August 1, all students will be able to use public transport in Luxembourg free of charge, no matter where they study.

To date, only students studying at the University of Luxembourg were supposed to benefit from free transport, but now students who are enrolled at a school abroad are also included.

Students wishing to benefit from free transport must present a proof of enrollment from their university as well as an electronic ticket which they receive at the ticket office. The necessary steps are then carried out at the ticket counter. 

The ticket is valid for one school year. Student can apply for it from August 1 and the ticket will then be valid until September 30 of the following year. 

Meeting and petition 

Until it came to the free transport, the ACEL had to battle a long fight. Already in January of this year a meeting took place between the association and ministers Marc Hansen and François Bausch. 

A petition should also help the wish to be implemented. With the introduction of Article 11 of the Ministerial Decree, the road to free transport for the students was then opened on July 14.

(By Sophie Hermes, translated from German by Barbara Tasch)

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