300 charging stations by July 2017

Luxembourg leads charge on electric mobility with station roll-out

Photo: LW archive

(JB) There is good news for anyone considering investing in an electric or hybrid vehicle as Luxembourg is to roll out 300 charging stations across the country by July 2017.

The roll-out will form part of the first phase of a huge infrastructure project aimed at creating 800 stations, with places for 1,600 vehicles by the end of 2020.

The precise locations of the stations have not yet been decided, but the Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Ministry said on Monday that half of the stations would be located in P+R car parks. Of these number, 200 would ready for use by July 2017, rising to 320 by July of 2019.

The other half would be located in public car parks around the country, close to places of interest such as business parks, schools and tourist sites. Of these terminals, 100 will be ready for use by July 2017, and 240 by July 2019.

The maximum number of terminals provided per commune would vary depending on the number of inhabitants and jobs. However, the ministry said it was aiming for at least one charging station per commune.

"The final location of each terminal will be defined by the municipality in cooperation with the distribution system operators that ensure the deployment, operations, maintenance and public infrastructure related to electric mobility,” Luxembourg Infrastructure Minister François Bausch said, adding: “The costs incurred by the related distribution system operators are covered by the tariffs for use of low-voltage networks. The charging infrastructure must allow free choice of supplier and must have a uniform means of payment throughout the national territory.”

All of the terminals are to be linked to a smart-metering computer system that will communicate between terminals and suppliers.

The measure fulfils the renewable energy and ICT goals set out in Jeremy Rifkin's strategy for Luxembourg. It is also hoped that the new stations will provide an impetus to spread electric mobility in the Grand Duchy.

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