Luxembourg issues safety warnings for 'hand spinners'

The increasingly popular 'hand spinner' toy, which appeared on the European market only months ago, has flooded store shelves, but not all of them have been deemed safe.

The success of this new generation of spinning toys – small, inexpensive and available in all colours and shapes, in plastic or metal, even with light effects – has caused not only stock shortages but reportedly also several accidents.

The market surveillance department of ILNAS, Luxembourg's Institute for Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Goods and Services, has warned that all 'hand spinners' must comply with the requirements laid down in the European legislation on toy safety.

Blocked at border

The Luxembourg government, in a statement on Wednesday morning, said: "Knowing these products are generally manufactured at low cost in Asia and then resold in Europe between 1 euro and 35 euros, consumers should be vigilant when buying them."

Photo: ILNAS

ILNAS, in close cooperation with Luxembourg customs, has already blocked the import of thousands of spinners, as they lacked with the 'CE' standard, and importers and manufacturers were unable to produce certificates of conformity for the products.

The government wishes to make the public aware of the dangers of unauthorised spinners and has issued the following recommendations:

  • Purchase only hand spinners clearly marked with a CE label. This is obligatory on all toys or their packaging, indicating that the manufacturer guarantees its product is safe.
  • Check that the address of the manufacturer or importer is on the packaging.
  • Check the strength and durability of the hand spinner to make sure small parts cannot become detached and present a risk of suffocation when ingested by a child.
  • Follow the warnings and age recommendations related to the product to ensure the toy is appropriate for the child using it.
  • Read the operating instructions supplied with the product.

(Adam Walder,, +352 49 93 9721)

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