Where do you go food shopping in Luxembourg?

A woman shopper.
A woman shopper.
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Where do you do your grocery shopping in Luxembourg? That was the question posed to a cross-section of Grand Duchy residents in a recent survey by market survey company TNS Ilres.

While the shops used vary widely depending on participants' profiles, one stands out above all others: the home-grown supermarket Cactus where 76 per cent do their shopping, according to the survey.

Following Cactus was the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize with their smaller "Proxy" chain of shops at 41 per cent.

Auchan (39 per cent) and Aldi (38 per cent) were not far behind, but with a younger average customer profile than the others.

Auchan is quoted almost twice as much by foreigners than by Luxembourgers. This was also the case with Lidl, which ranked in fifth position at 36 per cent.

But the highest rank of all, was actually not one supermarket in the list but several. No less that 86 per cent of respondents stated that they didn't like to limit themselves to one supermarket, but preferred to shop at two or more.

The full results of the survey can be found on the TNS Ilres website:

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