Princess Amalia

What's in a name?

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(CS) Prince Félix and Princess Claire's newborn daughter Princess Amalia on Tuesday was presented to the press at her first photo call. But what's behind the name of the little princess?

The new member of the Grand Ducal family is named after Princess Amalia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (*1830), who was the daughter-in-law of Guillaume II, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, after whom Place Guillaume II in Luxembourg City is named.

Amalia was married to Guillaume II's younger son, Prince Henry, who acted as governor of Luxembourg when they were married in 1853.

Amalia and her husband lived in Walferdange castle, which now houses the University of Luxembourg. The princess was active in charity work and helped introduce kindergartens in the Grand Duchy.

She is also said to have played no small part in solving the Luxembourg crisis in 1867, travelling to St Petersbourg with her husband for talks with Tsar Alexander II to gain support for the Grand Duchy in its defence against France, which had plans to annexe its neighbour in a conflict with Prussia.

The second Treaty of London, which was signed shortly afterwards, ended the confrontation by declaring Luxembourg's neutrality.

A statue of Princess Amalia, who died in Walferdange in 1872, stands in the Luxembourg City park. Avenue Amélie in Luxembourg City is named after the princess, as is the Amaliastraat in Den Haag.

Prince Félix and Princess Claire's daughter's middle names Gabriela and Maria Teresa meanwhile honour both grandmothers, Gabriela Lademacher and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.