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Luxembourg 'Fiederwäissen' hits the shelves

"Fiederwäissen",  a young sparkling, sweet wine.
"Fiederwäissen", a young sparkling, sweet wine.
Photo: Marc Schoentgen

Get the first taste of this year's Luxembourg wines, as "Fiederwäissen" has just gone on sale, but be careful – the sweet drink is more potent than it tastes.

Also known as "Federweißer", or quite simply "new wine", the cloudy, almost milky white, tipple is fermented for only a couple of weeks, made from early harvest grapes.

The first type of  Fiederwäissen to be sold, is typically made from Rivaner grapes. Later in the season other types, such as Auxerrois, are also used.

Photo: LW archive

The alcohol content usually floats at around 9 to 10%, however, the wine's taste is sweet and is slightly fizzy. The high sugar content does the rest to make this grape-lemonade like drink more potent than it looks.

For a truly traditional Fierderwäissen experience, have the drink with onion tart, although this combination is not for weak stomachs, with the lactic acid and high amounts of vitamins B1 and B2 in the wine known to stimulate digestion.

If you do decide to get a bottle, make sure not to let is stand in the fridge for too long. As the wine has not finished fermenting, it goes bad after just a few days.

(Adam Walder,, +352 49939721)

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