Luxembourg start-up develops app to help multilingual children

Photo: App screenshot

(CS) An iPhone, iPad and Android app developed by Luxembourg start-up The Loupe is meant to help children speaking several languages to learn to read.

Adults may know how hard it is to learn a foreign language, but children growing up in multilingual environments can also face challenges in reaching the same language levels across the board as their monolingual little friends.

A new multilingual app, an e-book version of fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, will allow children to switch languages while reading, comparing texts in different languages, accompanied by animations and music to make the story child-friendly.

Currently, the e-book can switch between French, German, English and Russian, with different functions for reading and listening.

The app was devised in association with the University of Luxembourg's DICA-lab, which researches learning and development in multi-lingual contexts.

Also involved in the project were the Luxembourg multi-LEARN Institute for Interaction and Development in Diversity asbl and FounDreams which specialises in education apps.

Start-up The Loupe was founded in 2012 by Tetyana Karpenko and develops intercultural media. The project was supported by the “Luxembourg Pionnières – l'incubation au féminin”, a programme aimed at women entrpreneurs.

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