Luxembourg's Royal family

Grand Ducal couple welcome Paris Match to the castle

(JB) Luxembourg's Royal family have opened the gates to their castle in Colmar-Berg to journalists from “Paris Match”.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess gave an exclusive interview to the French magazine to mark their 35th wedding anniversary.

The seven-page report includes numerous photos of the couple from the early days of their relationships when then Hereditary Grand Duke Henri fell in love with Cuban exile Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista at a Swiss university, through the first years of marriage.

In the article, the couple is described as discreet, happy, family-focused and with diverse interests. Together they champion social projects while Grand Duke Henri strives to promote the country's economy.

Paris Match credits the longevity of their relationship to their “mutual openness” and great love for one another.

The article comes in what has been a busy week in the media for the Luxembourg Royal Court.

Last week Princess Stéphanie made headlines as she turned 32, giving an exclusive interview to Télécran, but also because of fraud allegations concerning her previous employer.

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