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Luxembourg climbs cycle-friendly ranking

Photo: Anouk Antony

Luxembourg is improving as a cycling-friendly nation after jumping from 19th to 13th place over the course of 12 months in a European ranking.

The 2015 Barometer published by the European Cyclists' Federation saw the Grand Duchy pedal to just behind France, namely because no cyclists were killed on the country's roads, but also because of the high number of pro-cycling supporters.

Denmark won top spot in the ranking, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Belgium.

Countries were ranked by five criteria: the percentage of people riding a bicycle, safety, the importance of cycle tourism, sales of new bicycles and the presence of pro-cycling activists in national associations.

The study's author explained Luxembourg's positive positioning “on the criterion of security as there were zero cyclists killed in Luxembourg according to the European Care database on road safety" explained Chloe Mispelon of the European Cyclists' Federation.

The Federation, which has its headquarters in Brussels, aims to mobilise European and international institutions so that cycling becomes a mode of transport in itself.

Within the category of cycling militants per capita, Luxembourg ranked second with 2,906 cycling supporters per one million inhabitants.

When it comes to the popularity of cycling for tourism, Luxembourg fell back to 17th place, well behind the most popular country, Finland.

Luxembourg was also one of the countries which sold the least number of new bikes (in 24th position). This could be explained by more competitive prices found in the Greater Region, where it is common for Luxembourg residents to shop. However, the study did not go into bike ownership rates.

Read the full report here

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