Food for thought

Check out inventive cook and mother-of-two Lisa Fuchs' dietery tips and innovative recipes in this monthly column.

Food for thought Goodbye Luxembourg!

In her last column for, paleo chef Lisa Fuchs shares her fondest memories of sourcing ingredients in Luxembourg along with a mouthwatering summery cake recipe. More

Food for thought5 'dangers' of summer in Luxembourg

With the last weeks heat wave hitting down on Luxembourg it is hard to ignore the fact that summer has arrived. It is time to watch out for the dangers summer in Luxembourg brings, as listed below. Keep calm and stay safe! More

Food for thoughtBroccoli won’t make you healthy

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods you can find. Right up there, sharing the top with kale, spinach and other super foods. But it won’t make you healthy just because you start eating a serving of broccoli a couple of times a week. More

Food for thoughtHappy healthy holidays

The Christmas season is filled with sweet, and calorie-rich, temptations. Here, Lisa Fuchs gives some advice on how to get through the holidays by looking out for healthy alternatives that don't spoil the fun. More

Food for thoughtWow, do your kids eat that?

Swedish mum Lisa Fuchs in this week's 'Food for thought' column talks about the hot topic of how to get your kids to eat vegetables. Or even - how to get your kids to eat anything healthy for that matter! More