Asselborn warns Germany of hurtful tone towards smaller EU nations

Photo: AFP

(CS) Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has said Germany should be more careful in its tone towards Europe's smaller countries.

The remark came after Germany had criticed the size of the banking sector in Cyprus, saying it was too large compared to the size of the country.

At a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Dublin on Friday, Asselborn commented that he, too, came from a country with a large banking sector. “Some countries, such as my country and Cyprus also, have legally built something up over the past decades. And you should not disparage that on principle,” he is quoted by German press agency “dpa”.

Asselborn said that Berlin should re-consider how it approaches several countries. “There is no one who says that the automobile industry or the weapons industry are over-proportional in Germany,” he added, saying that Berlin should watch out not to speak in a “hurtful” tone to fellow EU members,