VIDEO: AAMT in the limelight with "Silverlight"

"Our new live show takes place on a different level, than it did in the past"

Photo: Daniel Clarens

If there’s one Luxembourg band that just refuses to stay out of the limelight, or rather “Silverlight,” its Angel At My Table, as they have just released a new song and video of the same name.

Now entering their third year of existence, Angel At My Table have seen their popularity sharply rise, and their list of concerts, quite an eyebrow-raiser, includes gigs at major local and international festivals. Support acts for the likes of One Republic and Good Charlotte are also among a long list of gigs. Only two weeks ago it was announced that Angel At My Table will be performing at this year's Rock-A-Field festival for the second time. So how do they top all that?

Surprisingly the five members that make up the Angels have never produced a video clip for one of their songs, no doubt due to the fact they concentrated on their live performances. Sure, there are AAMT videos floating around YouTube of them prancing about the stage with lively performances but, no official song-video “package.”

Now the band are cleverly hitting Luxembourg with a triple strike:

1 –Silverlight video launch

Both the single "Silverlight," with a catchy melody beefed-up with the band’s usual guitar-heavy power as well as the accompanying video, demonstrate just how far and how mature the Angels have become in their short history. The video, as well as showing a powerful band performance, also tells a poignant story of an imaginary friendship between two best friends, one role being played by band’s singer Joelle herself.

2 – “In A Heartbeat” EP release

Although Angel At My Table are calling it an EP, “In A Heartbeat” boasts six tracks. That’s hardly an EP in most bands’ books, yet is not quite an album either, but something in between. Silverlight is just the first song to be released from “In A Heartbeat” as the Angels believe they potentially have six hits on their hands!

“It will be an evening full of surprises," explained singer Joelle Gelhausen who cannot wait to unleash new material on the public. "Our new live show takes place on a different level, than it did in the past," she grinned.

The whole event kicks off at 8pm with entrance costing €7 but pay €10 and you get the EP included.