The winning mermaid sculpture revealed

Serge Ecker's winning mermaid sculpture
Serge Ecker's winning mermaid sculpture
Photo: VDL

The winning design for a sculpture of the city's mythical Melusina mermaid has been selected.

After a public vote and a selection process with a jury, it is artist Serge Ecker's tactile, white, angular statue of a mermaid that will be commissioned this Spring.

The eye-catching design won a total 25 points, placing it ahead of the public's favourite by Florence Hoffmann, whose interactive design of a faceless mermaid would have allowed the public to pose for photos by placing their faces in the frame.

Altogether, Hoffmann's sculpture garnered 38 percent of the votes with 2,058 people opting for her design, compared with 1,928 for the winning design. Third place went to Mai Thu Van's design of a seaweed shaped mermaid silhouette seated on a sphere.

The competition was launched by the Ville de Luxembourg in July last year to mark the capital's 1,050th anniversary. Altogether 115 designs were submitted to the competition.

The theme of the mermaid was chosen because it derives from a myth in which the capital's founder Count Siegfried I of Moselle marries the beautiful Melusina. He later betrays her trust by spying on her while she bathes and discovers she is a mermaid. Upon realising what has happened, Melusina dives into the Alzette never to be seen again.

Ecker's sculpture will be made in the coming months and is expected to be unveiled in the Grund next to the Alzette in the summer.