Streeta(rt)nimation festival

Artists filled the streets of Luxembourg this weekend

Streetanimation Groussgaas Luxembourg, Foto Lex Kleren
Streetanimation Groussgaas Luxembourg, Foto Lex Kleren
Lex Kleren

The Streeta(rt)nimation festival in Luxembourg City, which is very popular with both the public and the artists, once again attracted many families to the city centre. 

Since the street festival was pushed forward to Friday, shopkeepers and their employees were also able to benefit from the colorful happenings in front of the front door, next to the tourists and natives. 

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From spectator to participant 

The clowns and acrobats, dancers and musicians, stilt walkers and magicians did not have to be asked twice to take their audience to a different world. They were also very fond of interacting with their audience and asked them to participate in their spectacle.

At the same time, the demonstrations did not only make children's hearts beat faster, but adults also got their money's worth. With 29 groups and 95 performances, there was something for every taste. 

Most showmen came from abroad specially for the Streeta(rt)nimation festival. True to the motto "street artist" the performers led the way to the red fountain, to the Knuedler or even to the Bockkasematten, so that even no one could get lost in the city. The children ran after them through the streets with great laughter. 

New this year was also the move to the early Friday evening performance, in which almost all groups participated, to introduce themselves to the audience. 

The artists were certainly worthy of the applause.

(Wort Staff) 

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