Curtain falls on final Mess For Masses festival

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The sixth edition of local music festival Mess For Masses was held in Steinfort on Saturday and despite it being that last ever edition, the mood was celebratory as no less than 12 acts took to the stage at Centre Roudemer.

Just after 8pm the crowd already filled the hall proving that the festival had not lost its attraction.

The music fare varied from pop to funk, hardcore to hip-hop, indie to instrumental, ska to garage rock, all ending with a DJ into the early hours of Sunday morning.

A surprise highlight of the night had to be a saxophone group Böf's playing pop covers, really appreciated by the crowds. The group played twice during the evening, once on stage and once parading around the audience between acts.

Fox was another of the evening's highlights. Made up of “Luxembourg all-stars” (i.e. well known musicians hailing from other, or defunct bands) they play a catchy, bluesy pop-rock and were a real crowd-pleaser on Saturday night.

But number one highlight has to go to The Disliked. The reggae-ska band has been around for many years and within the first minute of being on stage their fun-loving energy was transferred to the audience packed into the hall. Their stage performance was also a celebration of a new video clip release for “Le Captain” also shown on the night.

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And so that's it. The curtain fell on the final edition of Mess For Masses and although a sad occasion for many, the festival proved itself over the past six years showing just how a little local Luxembourg music festival can grow and become a popular event.

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