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New 'Foxy' project and single for Luxembourg singer

Luxembourger Joelle Gelhausen aka Foxy releases her debut single "Puppet"
Luxembourger Joelle Gelhausen aka Foxy releases her debut single "Puppet"
Photo: Cedric Letsch

You may know Joelle Gelhausen best as the lead singer of the now defunct Luxembourg rock band Angel At My Table. After a few years studying in Brussels she’s back in Luxembourg and back making music. Performing as Foxy, she released her first solo single, Puppet, last Sunday and took some time to talk to Wort about the new project.

What’s Foxy it all about?
It’s really exciting, it’s a new project with the same people from Angel At My Table, so Adriel who was the bassist and Jimmy who was the guitarist. Adriel has started an agency so now he is managing and he came up to me and asked me if I was up for doing a new project and Jimmy was producing and writing the song.

People will probably know the sound of Angel At My Table but this is different right?
It’s different, Angel At My Table was more like rock-pop and this is more like pop in to tropical-house. It was something that I always wanted to try and it’s maybe something that suits my voice better than the rock side. I still love rock music and I still listen to it but I also listen to the sort of summer vibes of this music.

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What was it like getting back in to the studio then because you’ve had a couple of years out?
It was pretty cool but I’ve been back in the studio for about a year now so it was nice to get, slowly, back in to it. It was great to be doing something new and something exciting.

What’s the difference between recording by yourself as opposed to working with the full band?
It’s quicker! I mean with the whole band you’re in the studio, when we recorded our first album we were in the studio for a month and it was a week of vocals and with this I was done in about an hour so it was pretty good!

 The new single, Puppet is fantastic, what’s the plan now?
We’re just trying to get it going, writing new songs and also getting a live set together so hopefully we’ll be able to perform in November or at the end of the year. We’re just writing and trying to figure it all out. Singing it in the studio, with this kind of music is already kind of a test for “live” because it’s just the backing and then me singing but I’m really excited to see how it goes live with people in front of me.

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Puppet is a perfect summer song and with a bit of luck we’ll get to see Foxy live at some of next summer’s festivals as her music is made for that kind of crowd. 

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