Young talent at Screaming Fields

Photo: Claude Piscitelli

This Saturday, young musical acts spanning across all genres will take to the stage at Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Screaming Fields is a yearly event that enables young artists between the ages of 12-25 to showcase their music in a professional setting to a big audience. 

Screaming Fields is a concept that was founded by Rockhal’s Rocklab (previously Music & Resources) in 2010. It offers a platform to support and promote young bands and solo artists.

But the festival is more than just a line-up. All bands that qualify to play at Screaming Fields are professionally accompanied in the weeks leading up to the concert, with technical meetings, promotional ideas and live music performing tips all being discussed at the Rockhal.   

This process is guided by the Rocklab, which even offers a three-hour live rehearsal at the Rockhal Club for each band before the concert.  

Artists have to campaign to perform at Screaming Fields and gain a lot of understanding about self-promotion and marketing along the way. The festival is a fun learning experience for any musician. 

Originally, the festival’s aim was to attract school bands, but as of last year this has changed.

"We were told by many young artists that they'd like to take part, but they don't meet the criteria," explained Rockhal manager Olivier Toth in a press conference last year. "So we have opened it up to just age limits instead."

Bands and solo acts have the opportunity to win several prizes, including live recording sessions at the Rockhal Studio, a performance at Fete de la Musique Dudelange, financial support from SACEM and the 'Booker’s Choice' award, which offers the winner multiple concert possibilities. 

The jury is composed of well-established musicians and local industry professionals. 

This year’s edition includes a variety of bands and artists -- space-rock band 'The Choppy Bumpy Peaches', metal band 'Legacy of Atlas,' techno rhythms from 'Zero Distortion,' psychedelic rockers 'The Kooters,' indie music from 'Shadows of November,' a mix of everything from 'Seekers,' Grunge from 'Karma Catheter,' rapper 'MC Maz,' and special guest 'Atum Nophi,' a rock duo from Belgium to finish off the show.  

Additionally to this year’s addition, a 'Song Contest' is hosted in collaboration with Cactus. This year’s theme was 'Me and My Future'" and songwriters were motivated to send in a simple recording of their creation together with the lyrics.

The winner will be announced on the evening of Screaming Fields, and a great artist package awaits.  

Entrance to the festival is free.  

(Josh Oudendijk,, +352 49 93 459)

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