Plugged-In: Dirty Crows

Desert Rock made in Luxembourg

Are the Dirty Crows the only band in Luxembourg playing Desert Rock? In a Plugged-In interview with Martina Folscheid the band talked about their style, their upcoming CD and their new blog.

While the Dirty Crows admit that they have moved into slightly more commercial territory with their new album, their style still holds the key elements of what Desert Rock means to them.

If you don't know what Desert Rock is, just click the video and let the guys explain.

To be able to finance their work the Dirty Crows have also started a crowd funding initiative with a personal touch. On their blog the Dirty Crows offer packages, from badges and CDs to a candlelit dinner with the band, for money. While they say this project will never cover the costs of touring or producing an album, the people really get something in return for their money and support.

Who's who? Marc Bonert (guitar, lead vocals), Philippe Bonert (guitar), Daniel Frantz (drums), Mauro Fiermonte (bass).

Where can you see the Dirty Crows live? The band will release their music video for "Eat it Baby" on April 20 at the Diekirch Smuggler's Inn, 9pm. They will also celebrate their CD release at the Food for Your Senses festival in Tuntange on May 26.