Minister of Culture denial

Luxembourg's Eurovision return is "misunderstanding"

Maggy Nagel, Minister of Culture enjoying Eurovision Gala Night
Photo: Tania Bettega

(ADW) It was during the Eurovision Gala Night show on Saturday that the Minister of Culture Maggy Nagel is reported to have said “yes” to Luxembourg returning to the Eurovision Song Contest after being questioned by previous winner for Ireland, Linda Martin in front of an audience of close to a thousand.

However, at press conference concerning housing in Luxembourg on Monday, Maggy Nagel stated that it was all a “misunderstanding”, when questioned again about Luxembourg's Eurovision return. She added that she had not agreed to anything and there were currently no plans for Luxembourg to re-enter the Eurovision contest.

What triggered the news that quickly went viral was Linda Martin, 1992 Eurovision winner, who directly asked the Minister of Culture in the middle of her performance,“isn't it time Luxembourg returned to Eurovision?” This was then quickly followed by her exclaiming “it's time to raise the funds and get Luxembourg back where it belongs in Eurovision!” to which Maggy Nagel nodded her head and is reported to have said “yes”.

Minister of Culture Maggy Nagel announces the winner of Eurovision Gala Night 2014
Photo: Tania Bettega

The subject was mentioned a second time during a live on-stage interview between Linda Martin and the show's hosts.

Towards the end of  Eurovision Gala Night Maggy Nagel was summoned on stage to announce the winners of the contest from the 16 finalists, a moment that could have been seized by the Minister of Culture to clarify the situation to the large crowd.  However, nothing was mentioned, only contributing to the news spreading quickly amongst the press, public and especially on the internet.

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