Luxembourg student talent scouted by MTV

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A Luxembourg student has had his first big break in the music scene after being talent scouted by MTV aged just 18.

Federico Giusto, who studies at the International School Luxembourg (ISL), wowed the media company's talent scouts with his elecronic music creations and remixes, so much so that they have asked him to produce a track for a rising UK star.

What makes his break all the more impressive is that he only began composing in August last year when he invested in electronic music computer software.

Federico, who was born in Italy but has lived in Luxembourg since 2008, told “I thought it was a joke at first. You never know what you're getting on the internet. I asked for proof and MTV showed me their website.”

Federico was selected as part of a project to develop young vocalists with the help of young music producers. He was given the task of producing a trance track from vocals provided by emerging singer Jessica Alice. But, it wasn't easy. The young producer had to work on the project while studying and sitting his end-of-year exams.

“It was hard concentrating on exams this year, especially this last month when I had to get this project done. I felt I couldn't succeed in either because too much pressure might have meant a bad job in both,” he said, adding: “I don't know how I managed but I did.”

Federico attributes his passion for music to ISL music teacher, Demosthenes Dimitrakoulakos, who he said always believed in him. The student began composing just under a year ago when he bought some software and taught himself how to use it. He created a website on Soundcloud in order to better organise his work.

“Then I saw that people were giving very good feedback. I realised it was getting good, I should develop it,” he said. So, Federico set up a YouTube account, attracting thousands of hits and now has three tracks available to purchase on iTunes, which have also proved popular. He said: “That's the best thing as well. It's not just doing what you like but getting back satisfaction that other people like it. That's more important for me right now.”

While it would be easy for the young David Guetta in the making to get carried away with the interest he has received so far, Federico is keeping both feet firmly on the ground, focusing on his final year at school, university and eventually a career in aeronautical engineering.

But, if one day he could make a career out of music, he certainly wouldn't mind.

“David Guetta was no-one in the beginning. A friend of mine went to see him in 1994 at a club in Germany. He was a young, shy person making music and playing in clubs but something happened to him. You never know what might happen!”

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