Luxembourg pride parade

Esch/Alzette turned into a rainbow-city for the pride parade

Hundreds of members of the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender" (LGBT) community participated in the "GayMat" parade through Esch/Alzette on Saturday.

This year, the organisers around the association "Rosa Lëtzebuerg" wanted to shedd light on the situation of LGBT refugees. 

They often originate from supposedly safe countries of origin, however, they face discrimination or even persecution in their home country. 

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The parade is the "Luxembourg Pride Event" and is the highlight of the "GayMat" festival, which officially ended this weekend. 

However, the "Lesbian, Jewish, Gay" exhibition in the National Resistance Museum at the Brillplatz is still on display until October 1 within the scope of the "GayMat". Two round table discussions are also planned.

The "GayMat" festival first took place in 1999 and has turned into a celebration of gay rights that includes art exhibitions, music, and more.

Since the first "GayMat", the festival -- organised by Rosa Letzebuerg, a non-profit association that defends gay rights in Luxembourg -- has gathered thousands of people.

The name of the festival is a play on words in Luxembourgish, as the pronunciation of it means "come with."

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