FUZE is taking off!

English language platform supporting local music: 2 new team members, a new website and plans for the future

Chris, Daniel, Adam & Julius make up the FUZE team
Chris, Daniel, Adam & Julius make up the FUZE team

(ham) A radio show on DNR, a new website, two new members and a several projects in the pipeline – FUZE is certainly taking off. The English language platform for local music has in the past twelve months, certainly grown in popularity. FUZE is now here to stay in the music scene. Adam, Chris, Daniel and Julius have many plans!

" When Daniel Clarens and I began the project, the aim was to spread the word on local music to a wider audience, and for me the international community really needed educating. However it became more than that - it became a media, and turned out we were preaching as much to the Luxembourgish community as we were externally," summarised Adam Walder in reference to the trend in recent months. Lack of support in general for local music led to the creation of FUZE. "I think we've turned a few heads though and this is slowly but surely beginning to develop” said Adam.

The FUZE project has now spread further. In addition to a weekly show on DNR and social media support for local music, the team has now grown from two to four and a new website has been launched. More and more people are approaching the platform to ask for assistance. "It was just getting too much for two of us with regular jobs. So Julius Jaatinen (bassist from local band Lumi) and Chris Reitz (electric violinist from Anthem Of The Sun) joined to help take on some of the jobs such as event supporting and radio show preparations”, stated the English journalist.

Fuze on the radio

After a successful music-only trial show in early February the FUZE team has now taken the decision to do this regularly once a month without interviews and interim announcements . In this respect FUZE is also dependent on support from the scene as they needs more tracks! Therefore, the quartet have launched an appeal for bands from Luxembourg and Greater Region, to send good quality tracks to the email address: tracks@fuze.lu to be played on the radio. For larger data files, the guys also have that covered.

All the details are on the music platform’s new website which also provides a wealth of information about bands and events, as well as an agenda and visitors are also treated to good concert photos of recent performances. Starting life with the Facebook page now approaching  2,000 "likes”, the show on Radio Ara and now on DNR, plus possible new projects: “everything has somehow developed naturally”, said Adam.

And it is in this way the four hope the project will continue. Their plans are to develop the website further with more interaction. The team will also support more events may even begin their own event organisation. Already on the internet and radio, there are even other exciting plans that could be finalised in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to follow just how FUZE develops further in the next few months.

Take a look yourself at the website: www.fuze.lu