Carré Rotondes set to move to Gare

The Rotondes at the Gare
The Rotondes at the Gare
Photo: Guy Jallay

(CS) The Carré Rotondes is set to move back to the rotundas at the Luxembourg train station, where it was first located during the 2007 European Capital of Culture year.

The lease on the current property in Hollerich's Rue de l'Aciérie will be running out in 2014, and the culture ministry has announced it has no intention to prolong the contract. Therefore, the Carré Rotondes is set to move back to its original venue at the Gare's Rotondes.

The two buildings, located in Bonnevoie, opened in 1875 as locomotive depots and were later used by the CFL as a workshop and bus maintenance station.

Classified as national monuments in 1991, renovations began in 1997, with the Rotondes used as an exhibition and concert venue during the European Capital of Culture year in 2007. At the end of 2007, the Rotondes were closed once again for further renovations, and the cultural centre moved to Hollerich.

The venue's programme is currently divided into four different sections – Traffo, Exit07, Expo and Open Square – acting as an exhibition space, as well as a concert and theatre venue.