August 16

'Kalaripayattu' show in Luxembourg for India Independence Day

The ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu
The ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu
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If you've ever seen a performance of the Indian martial art "Kalaripayattu" you'll know that it's a spectacular mix of combat moves in dance-like displays. To celebrate India’s 70th year of independence, a special Kalaripayattu event takes place in Luxembourg.

The Indian Association Luxembourg is organising a free event in Luxembourg City centre showcasing Kalaripayattu with an eight-member group specialising in the martial art.

Demonstrations will take place on Wednesday August 16 between 2:30pm and 4:30pm on the Place d'Armes. The official date of India's independence day is August 15. 


Kalaripayattu is said to be the "mother of all martial arts" and originated in the south of India. It can be traced back about 3000 years. The martial art is inspired by the strength and graciousness of animals such as the lion, tiger, wild boar, snake or crocodile. 

But it is the gracefulness and the almost balletic performances of Kalaripayattu, that sets it apart from most martial arts.

The event on the Place d'Armes, supported by the Indian Embassy in Brussels and the Ville de Luxembourg, is free and not only includes demonstrations, but also explanations in the form of short lectures.

For more information, and pictures, visit the Facebook Event.

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