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Catch 'The Fever' at Konrad's this October

Actress Christine Probst
Actress Christine Probst
Photo: Steve Eastwood

(NG) What happens when a traveller from a wealthy nation visits a poor country as it's going through unrest?

It's a question Wallace Shawn ("Maggie's Plan", The Princess Bride") attempted to answer when he wrote his "The Fever", which has been hailed as a "ferocious meditation on the inequalities of global capitalism" by The Guardian.

The solo piece, written with a healthy dose of Wallace's humour, allows for a male or female of any age to perform.

Actors Rep artistic director and actor, Dr Erik Abbott
Actors Rep artistic director and actor, Dr Erik Abbott
Photo: Marc Wilwert

The journey of the traveller in the play forces him (or her!) to face challenging questions on inequality, populations and societies--something relevant in today's age, with such ongoing challenges as war and migrant flows.

Actors Rep artistic director and actor, Erik Abbott, and actor Christine Probst will be alternating the performances, meaning audience members will have a unique opportunity to see two different interpretations of the role, depending on which night they attend.

Peter Zazzali, who will also be offering a "Psychophysical Approaches to Acting" workshop on October 1, directs the play.

Where and when

"The Fever" runs at Konrad Café (7, rue du Nord, L-2229 Luxembourg) on October 12, 13, 15, 19, 20 and 22, at 8pm.

Erik Abbott performs on October 12, 15 and 20.  Christine Probst performs October 13, 19 and 22.

Tickets (20€, 10€ for students) may be purchased in advance at Konrad Café by emailing 

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