Steampunk convention

Echternach celebrates a new beginning for iconic building

A steampunk convention was organised for the first time in Echternach this weekend under the theme "The transformation of the Little Marquise".

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"La Petite Marquise" was a place "full of emotions for Luxemburgers", Susanne Pauli, one of the organisers told Luxemburger Wort.

The hotel and restaurant was very popular and attracted residents from all over Luxembourg.  

"People were queuing up to sit on the terrace, this was thirty years ago, " recalled Raymond Becker, from Stadmarketing and the local Tourism Office.    

After being abandoned for over two decades, the building will soon be turned into a new real estate project, hence why the organisers of the steampunk convention wanted to celebrate what used to be a symbol for the community.

Over two days, participants were able to travel back to the Victorian age, the world of Jules Verne and retro futurism through a number of workshops, stands and a photo exhibition.

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