Design and build your own home with friends

Photo: Pexels

(HP) People will be able to get involved in designing and constructing the building where they live as part of a new project which will start this summer.

'Groupement d'habitat participatif' (participatory group housing) is a City of Luxembourg initiative which will see groups of people take over a plot of land and build their own accommodation from scratch.

The first projects will start in Belair with a 5a 64ca plot which can house up to nine accommodations and a 4a 62ca plot in Bonnevoie, suitable for up to six units.

Anyone wishing to take part must apply to the City of Luxembourg and the final team will be selected by a formal jury panel.

Participants will have the choice between an acquisition of the full ownership or a 99-year leasehold and groups must specify this when applying.

Those who take on the project will then have a say on every stage of the construction process, from the design, plans and building and can even influence specific decisions such as which building materials to use.

Costs also tend to be around 15 to 20% lower than when buying an equivalent property the conventional way, in particular due to the work the group members put in themselves and through saving on agency fees.

But it also helps build a strong relationship between group members who will then become neighbours.

A similar project already exists in some other European countries and more information can be found about the project in Luxembourg during a meeting held on May 30 and June 12 at the Cité Auditorium.

Three workshops will be held, on June 28, July 6 and July 13 at Rocade (3, rue du Laboratoire, Bonnevoie) to help with applications forms and participants must sign up at least 15 days in advance.

Applications open on June 12 and for further details email

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