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Where to find local 'bio' produce in Luxembourg

Organic produce from Les Paniers de Sandrine
Photo: Jessica Janusz

By Jessica Janusz

From the moment you spot a "bio" label on a fruit or vegetable, you are being assured it hasn't gone through the same potentially harmful processes as a "non-bio" one.

Many people consider such a distinction to be rather important -- so much so that, nowadays, you can find bio produce just about everywhere.

More and more of the larger supermarket chains have started including bio products in their offerings, but let's not forget about Luxembourg's farms, markets and other initiatives that provide a more local approach.

After all, while the bio label may suggest certain product quality guarantees, it does not always assure that items are coming from nearby.

But there is a way to have the best of both worlds by purchasing from those that focus on local. Not only do they work with local producers, they have unique qualities and offerings that make them stand out.

Les Paniers de Sandrine

Located in Münsbach, Paniers de Sandrine is a one-of-a-kind, family-run shop located on a farm.

The owner, Sandrine Pingeon, started it in 2012 when she decided to make use of the produce on her husband's farm by selling it directly to the public.

Able to cut out the middle man, she began establishing relationships with local farmers.

Paniers de Sandrine's aquaponics system
Photo: Jessica Janusz

"Consumers aren't always educated on what bio means and how it can differ depending on where you purchase it,"  Pingeon said.

"Especially with chain stores, items are usually coming from large wholesalers that are able to supply the necessary quantities all year round through mass production.

"With this, you're left with fruit and vegetables that not only travel a long way but also aren't able to sustain the same fresh taste."

Through her now-established community of local producers, she is able to provide a variety of fruits, vegetables and other items. In addition to selling from her store, she also offers weekly baskets of seasonal offerings.

Another factor that makes the produce unique is the aquaponics system from which developing plants receive their nutrients. This is a tank system where fish grow and provide an organic source of food through their waste in the water.

This water is used to feed the plants on the farm, which allows them to grow without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Sandrine Pingeon set up her business in 2012
Photo: Jessica Janusz


Through Luxembourg's first supported agriculture community, Terra is an initiative that aims to preserve local farming.

Its 1.5-hectare orchard in Eicherfeld allows those who are unable to grow their own fruit and vegetables the opportunity to still eat bio.

The produce, based on seasonal availability, is distributed in organised baskets each week to those who have memberships.

Terra also hosts workshops, seminars and festivities.

Les Paniers de Sandrine
Photo: Jessica Janusz


Especially helpful for those who don't have the time to plan meals, Avocado is a delivery service offering organised meal boxes right to your doorstep.

Working with as many locally produced products as possible, the company creates recipes tailored to different needs. It offers boxes to suit vegetarians, vegans and low-carb diets, as well as those with unique taste preferences.

Boxes and recipes will also reflect what’s available in different periods to be able to supply the most local options.

Les Paniers de Sandrine
Photo: Jessica Janusz

Le Chat Biotte

With the goal of encouraging people to learn how to eat healthier, Le Chat Biotte makes getting your weekly produce simple and easy.

Based on a subscription, consumers can order boxes of 4-6 kilos of bio and local produce to be delivered directly to their homes or offices.

To avoid waste, there are different bundle options available, providing a choice of fruits and vegetables. These are filled mainly with all local products, so importance is always placed on working with local farmers.

Les Paniers de Sandrine
Photo: Jessica Janusz

Weekly markets

Although it's not always clear which items are local, you can speak directly to stall owners to find out exactly where their produce comes from before buying.

Especially when the sun is shining, exploring the markets of Luxembourg is a great way to browse through different producers and their items.

Here are the updated lists of weekly and monthly markets in Luxembourg.

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