New app for mums launches in Luxembourg

Momzie founder Hanna Lilja

Photo: Momzie founder Hanna Lilja

By Sarita Rao

A new free app, "Momzie", that helps mums and mums-to-be to meet up, launches Tuesday 4 April in Luxembourg available in French, German and English.

Also accessible in neighbouring countries, to benefit cross-border workers and families, Momzie is already a great success in Finland, where it launched in 2016.

Created by Hanna Lilja, Markus Eteläpelto and Esko Oramaa from Finland, the idea came about when Hanna noticed how many of her friends were struggling as new mums, particularly during daytime hours when friends and family were at work.

“What new mums most urgently need is another mum in a similar situation, preferably close by for ease of meeting up,” says Hanna.

Internet dating for mums

  Momzie, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android operating tablets and smart phones, allows mums and mums-to-be to create a profile and browse for mums in similar situations for meet ups. Users just need to “swipe right” if they want to get to know another person and wait until that mum also swipes right to chat and organise time together.

 In addition to French, English and German, “Momzie” is available in Swedish and Finnish, and more languages are being considered.

“Mums can use it to find new friends, co-support, or just someone to talk to. We’ve had a lot of success stories in Finland, where mums have made great friendships via the app,” says Hanna.

Momzie is a great new way to meet mums, socialise or organise play date

Jazmin Milliken, who lives in Oberanven in Luxembourg, is a new mum on maternity leave. “It’s not always easy to get to the scheduled events if they don’t fit with your baby’s routine, so Momzie is a great new way to meet mums, socialise or organise play dates,” she says, adding: “What I like about the app is that it’s user friendly and you can filter it, so if you only want to meet mums that are expecting or with similar-aged children, it’s easier to find them.”

Whilst Momzie is mainly used by expecting mothers or mums with young children, the app can be used by women with children of any age or those expecting their first child. Men however are not invited to join, as Momzie is strictly for women only.

Businesses can also target mums with deals, offers and events of interest to this demographic.

Luxembourg’s expats will use Momzie

“Luxembourg is an interesting market because of its beautiful cultural diversity and its location in the heart of Europe. We believe that there will be a strong demand for this app in the expat community, as people relocate to Luxembourg without the safety networks they might have had in their home countries. It will be interesting to see how ‘Momzie’ is used by both the Luxembourgish population and expats,” says Hanna.

 The trio of founders are expecting hundreds of mums in the Duchy to join “Momzie” in the next few weeks, and aim for thousands of users over the coming months.

Mums can download the “Momzie” app from GooglePlay and AppStore free of charge. If you’re interested in the app, you can find out more at

App availability

After several queries from readers regarding the the app availability, Wort contacted Momzie who stated, "the availability of the app is dependent on the country the user's app store is registered in. If the user has an app store (along with the credit card details) registered in another country than LU, FI, BE, FR, DE, UK - the app is not (yet) available."

It was also pointed out that only women can use the app and this is controlled via a Facebook account.

Should users have any queries they can send an email to:

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