Luxembourg's Rainbows celebrate a quarter of a Century

Rainbows from Luxembourg's 2nd and 3rd packs
Rainbows from Luxembourg's 2nd and 3rd packs
Photo: Becky Gollackner

Luxembourg's two Rainbow packs celebrated their organisation's 25th anniversary with a visit to A-Schmatten farm in Schuttrange on Saturday.

There, the 20 five to seven-year-olds brushed a pony, fed animals, held ducks and chickens and learned how to grind wheat to make flour.

“They had an absolutely lovely day out,” said leader of the 3rd Luxembourg Rainbows Becky Gollackner, adding: “The weather held which was fabulous. They got to feed pigs and they stroked a piglet that was only a few weeks old.”

During the visit, the youngsters made their own pizzas, including the dough, and played pass the parcel, a traditional party game in which the prize was wrapped up in 25 layers of paper.

Rainbows was established in the UK in 1987 as an off-shoot of the Scouting movement for young girls. Luxembourg boasts two groups: the 2nd and 3rd Luxembourg Rainbows, which were formed in 2008 and meet at St George's International School, in Hamm.

The 2nd Luxembourg Rainbows meet every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 5pm and the 3rd Luxembourg Rainbows on Thursdays at the same time.

Volunteer leaders include Karen Thomson (of the 2nd Luxembourg Rainbows), Theresa Cook, Liz Bragason and Judith Long. If you would like to volunteer as a leader, please email