Luxembourg's colourful procession for the Royal Jubilee

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The hot dogs may not have lasted long at a special Jubilee barbecue at the British Embassy residence on Monday night but it was an occasion the Guides, Brownies and Scouts are sure to dine out on for years to come.

The event saw around 100 youngsters and adults parade through a drizzly Luxembourg City, carrying a Union Jack and the flags of the Scout and Guide units, all led by the Luxembourg Pipe band.

The unusual sight and sounds attracted scores of tourists and curious locals who witnessed the proud procession on its route past the Grand Ducal palace to Boulevard Roosevelt.

Third Rainbows Luxembourg leader Rebecca Gollackner told “The Guides were delighted to be involved. It’s really important for them. It’s a shame it wasn’t sunny but like the Ambassador said it’s good British weather for the occasion. It makes you feel a little bit at home. After watching the Queen on TV yesterday I thought we can come out in the rain today.”

During the course of the evening, the party spoke to a Scout group in somewhat sunnier conditions in Tallinn, Estonia, via a video link-up organised by Skype. Together, they counted down before lighting a beacon in the Residence garden.

It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this,” said Head of the Telstar International Scouts Chris Garratt, adding: “In general my observation is that people living abroad are more patriotic than those living at home.”