EU Young Translators' Contest

Calling all young translators in Luxembourg

Photo: AFP/Tara Moore

Youngsters with an aptitude for languages are being urged to participate in an EU-wide translation competition.

Registration for the EU Young Translators' Contest for schools opens September 1 when schools can enter up to five students of any nationality born in 1997.

The competition will be held on November 27 at the same time in all selected schools. During the test, students will translate a one-page text from an official EU language into another.

All 552 language combinations of the EU's 24 official languages are possible under the rules. This year papers to be translated will focus on “European identity”.

After the competition, European Commission translators will mark the translations and select one winner per country. The winners will be invited to Brussels to receive their prizes in April 2015.

To find out more about this comeptition, visit The registration period runs until October 20.

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