Luxembourg school awarded 'entrepreneurial' status

Photo: Shutterstock

(HP) A Luxembourg school has been given the official status of entrepreneurial school which will see it encourage pupils' innovative talents.

Ecole privée Marie Consolatrice in Esch-sur-Alzette is the fourth school in the country to have been awarded the title by the Luxembourg government.

On Thursday, education minister, Claude Meisch, secretary of state for the economy, Francine Closener, and Serge Lucas, the school's director, signed a convention promoting the school to the title.

The schools will be supported by a reserarch and innovation coordination service, called SCRIPT, which will provide them with the necessary resources.

They will also be able to network with businesses and give pupils an insight into specific working areas. Becoming an entrepreneurial school means encouraging initiative and entreprenership, unveiling pupils' talents and challenging their creativity and originality.

It also strikes to build on their ecological political and economic awarenessas well as promote innovative teaching approaches.

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