Cycle Luxembourg & Spoke n' Chain

A bike ride like no other in Luxembourg City

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(JB) Cycling is about the journey and the destination as Cycle Luxembourg showed on Sunday, organising a tour, picnic and theatre performance.

A small band of cyclists from Luxembourg set out from the Schuman roundabout at about 12 noon, led by clowns from the nomad bike theatre Spoke n' Chain.

After soaking up the sights and sun, the group sat down for a picnic in Hesperange park where they were treated to a theatre performance.

The Spoke n' Chain performers had recently participated in the Alternatiba tour, a 5,637-kilometre cycle ride on three-seater bikes aimed at getting people around Europe to explore “real alternatives” to climate change.

The tour runs from June 5 to September 26 and will visit a total of six different countries.

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