Congratulations Niamh, Luxembourg's 2014 Rose

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A young Irish woman from Kilkenny with a passion for fashion was crowned the Luxembourg Rose for 2014.

Dressed in a stunning pale pink satin gown Niamh Bergin, 24, received the tiara from last year's Rose winner, Laura Droog, at the glamourous Rose Ball hosted at the Hotel Royal on Saturday night in front of hundreds of guests.

Just hours before the crowning Niamh had given a very natural presentation to the guests and jury and sang "Katie" as her "party piece".

The 24-year-old is on her second stint in Luxembourg after completing an internship with SES Astra as a student. Having since graduated in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Limerick, she is currently working in Luxembourg for the Bank of New York Mellon in Alternative Investment Services.

A big fan of Luxembourg's multicultural environment, Niamh said she appreciated the Luxembourgish motto “we want to remain what we are.”

“This motto is close to my own heart as although I like to take inspiration from others, I will always stick to my own Irish roots no matter where my life journey takes me,” she said in her application.

Final Luxembourg Rose ball for Irish Ambassador

The 2014 Rose ball was a poignant occasion for Irish Ambassador to Luxembourg Diarmuid O'Leary and his wife, Emma, since it will be their last Rose ball in the Grand Duchy.

Reflecting on his term, Ambassador O'Leary confessed to having become a “Rosaphile”.

He said: “It (the Rose Ball) shows Ireland in the best possible light and God knows we need that. It highlights the strength and can-do attitude of the Irish diaspora, their strong links to Luxembourg and the role they can play in transforming Ireland.”

The Rose of Tralee is an tradition which has been maintained by the Irish diaspora around the world, who nominate a young woman or Rose to represent their country at the International competition in Ireland. Far from being a beauty pageant, the contest is a celebration of Irish heritage and a chance for the Irish diaspora to remember their roots.

Niamh will go on to represent Luxembourg at the next stage of the International Rose of Tralee competition in Portlaoise in Ireland.

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