Christophe Van Biesen

Local photographer launches Luxembourg postcard project

It was only last year that local photographer Christophe Van Biesen successfully produced a stunning Luxembourg City calendar, with the help of crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Now he returns after quite a demand, with postcards.

“I received a lot of requests for these postcards already, especially after the calendar project. So I hope that there is enough interest to make this new project successful”, said Van Biesen.

Certainly the photographer, based in Luxembourg has been drawing attention to himself with his own recent exhibition, and the 2016 calendar.

“After the successful crowdfunding of last year's Luxembourg City Calendar project, I decided to come back to Kickstarter and bring to life another project and create a collection of postcards featuring some of my most popular pictures made in Luxembourg City and its surrounding countryside” Van Biesen explained.

Indeed his plan is a set of 10 different postcards of photos snapped around Luxembourg. Those who support the Kickstarter project will receive one or several sets depending on their pledge.

If the postcard project proves successful, Christophe Van Biesen may go on to produce new postcards. Currently, it does seem to be heading that way as after only five days his Kickstarter campaign has already reached 86 percent.

If you are interested in the project and and wish to make your own pledge, full details can be found at the following link:

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