A project that brings a smile to your face

Wall of smiles offers warm welcome at Kanner Klinik

Kannerk Klinik
Kannerk Klinik

It takes more muscles to smile than frown and no-one knows that better than the 140 people invited to take part in a wall of smiles.

The first LOL (text speak for laugh out loud) installation of its kind in Luxembourg was unveiled at the entrance of the Kanner Klinik Paediatric hospital in Strassen on Monday.

It features 144 photographic portraits of young patients, family members and staff at the hospital all posing with big, broad grins.

Shot by Belgian photographer David Ken, the wall is the first of its kind for Luxembourg and the only one to be made outside of France.

Assistant medical director of the Kanner Klinik Dr Tina Weitzel said: “This is an unforgettable moment. We've spent two days together with the photographer and his team and he has met professionals, patients and their parents who've wanted to share a moment of happiness and laughter.”

The photographer shot the series of images over a period of days in a converted studio at the hospital site.

“He didn't do anything special to make us laugh,” said one model, adding: “I think the photographer is just a very charismatic guy. It feels natural laughing around him.”

The project was sponsored by KBL European Private Bankers, who also donated 10,000 euros to purchase a revolutionary new sensory gadget to ease the suffering of children undergoing palliative care.

The V-Pod 3D is a giant 3D television screen with animations to help distract patients from the pain and anxiety experienced during a number of treatments. Luxembourg is one of only a dozen hospitals around the world to have such a machine.

Last year the Kanner Klinik saw more than 40,000 patients passing through its wards.