#12 in 24

Brit passes through Luxembourg on 24-hour European dash

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(JB) A British national breezed through Luxembourg last week while setting a new world record for travelling through 12 countries in 24 hours using only public transport.

Internet entrepreneur Adam Leyton made his epic European day trip from May 25 to 26, starting in Perl, Germany, then travelling through Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and finally Austria.

He said he chose Perl as the starting point as it was located next to Schengen in Luxembourg, where the Schengen freedom of movement agreement was signed.

“I quite like being in the EU. Yes, it has its flaws, and plenty of them, but things like human rights laws, free trade and free movement are no bad thing really. In fact a lot of my business comes as a result of being able to easily trade with other EU member states and the ability to move around the community freely,” he wrote on his blog, adding: “So with the EU referendum coming up, it seems the perfect time to see how much of Europe I can see. In a day.”

Leyton just beat the previous record of 11 countries, set in 1993. He arrived in Luxembourg at 7.43am, reaching the French border just seven minutes later.

He eventually reached his finish, running the last 2.5 kilometres to the tri-border sculpture park in Austria, at 6:53 am, just 23 hours and 52 minutes after setting out.

Leyton, who comes  from Leeds, England, set out on his epic expedition to raise money for Sands, a charity helping people affected by the death of a baby before, during or after birth. His efforts helped to raise more than 1,000 GBP for the charity.

His feat has yet to be verified by the Guinness Book of Records.

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