Anne's Luxembourg Kitchen Damsons – Luxembourg’s favourite autumn fruit

Autumn is the best season in Luxembourg, says chef Anne Faber, and her favourite autumn fruit is the 'quetsch' or damson. She shares her special damson crumble tart recipe with Wort. More

The L Word Help, martens have invaded my car!

If you’ve ever considered urinating on your own car engine, you probably need some serious psychological help. Unless, of course, it’s the desperate last-resort action you’ve taken to stop martens from invading your car. More

Entrepreneurship Women with entrepreneurial flair needed

In its fourth edition, the Entrepreneurial Woman Project starts on September 30 and is open to women of all nationalities and backgrounds. A good command of English and commitment are required. More

The L Word How far is too far with after-school activities?

In this week's L Word, Sarita Rao wonders whether her children really need to learn to play a musical instrument, become chess masters, accomplished skiers, and know how to perform on the tennis court. More

Comic strip Schueberfouer - 'The Wait'

The Bull family have their patience tried when they make an excursion to Luxembourg funfair the Schueberfouer. A comic strip drawn especially for More

Did you know that about Luxembourg? Guillaume Kroll, Luxembourg's titanium hero

Luxembourg-born Guillaume J. Kroll, responsible for its industrial production of titanium

The invention of titanium has revolutionised technology but did you know that it was a Luxembourg scientist who was responsible for its industrial production? More

Schueberfouer 2017

Everything you need to know about this year's Schueberfouer at the Glacis car park, running from August 23 to September 11. More

Android & iPhone Have you got the Schueberfouer app?

No, it won't serve you up a nice Gromperekichelcher, or help you with sickness after getting off one of the wild rides, but what the Schueberfouer app will do is be a helpful guide during the funfair's invasion of the Glacis car park. More

The L Word Home sweet Luxembourg

Ahh, Luxembourg ... it feels like a comfortable pair of slippers.

It may have taken four years, says expat mum Sarita Rao, but Luxembourg is now definitively home. She explains what she cherishes most about her adopted country in this week's L Word. More

Steampunk convention Echternach celebrates a new beginning for iconic building

A steampunk convention was organised for the first time in Echternach this weekend under the theme "The transformation of the Little Marquise". Over two days, participants were able to travel back to the Victorian age, the world of Jules Verne and retro futurism through a number of workshops, stands and a photos exhibition. More

Aerodynamic club Dudelange hosts model plane show

 Sunday in Boudersberg

Flight demonstrations, ultralight air-crafts passing at low altitudes, paratroopers dropping, exhibitions: the model planes of the Dudelange aerodynamic club created a show this Sunday in Boudersberg. More