Lynn's Little Luxembourg Have you visited the 'Valley of the Seven Castles'?

Did you know that within a radius of 24km there are seven castles in Luxembourg? Illustrator Lynn Cosyn visits the "Valley of the Seven Castles" in her latest illustration for her column Lynn's Little Luxembourg. More

St George's International Pupils showcase artwork at exhibition

Pupils throughout the school displayed paintings, sketches, sculputres, claywork and textiles, including work produced for 15-hour long A-level exam. More

Tradition Luxembourg's Oktav in photos

Since 1666, Oktav has been one of Luxembourg's major annual religious celebrations, attracting around 90,000 church-goers every year. More

An American In Luxembourg The International Fist Bump, that's Luxembourg!

I recently started taking Lëtzebuergesch classes again after having taken a year off. My first day back, I arrived early and plunged right in, making Lëtzebuergesch small talk with a woman, a fellow student, who’d also arrived early. More

Mermaid Do you know Luxembourg's Melusina myth?

Many of us have passed by the purple Melusina statue in the Grund. Unfortunately she recently suffered a bit of damage. While she's being repaired, we thought we'd investigate the myth of the Luxembourg‬'s Melusina. More