Kanner-Jugendtelefon IX Detecting signs of child and teenage depression

The ninth part of the Kanner-Jugendtelefon comic strip talks about depression among children and young people, how to spot the signs and the best approach to getting them to open up. More

'Veiner Nëssmoort' Vianden goes nuts this Sunday

When you think of nuts in Luxembourg it should make you think of Vianden with its sprawling orchards of walnut trees, and inevitably of the town’s traditional nut market or "Nëssmoort" that takes place this coming Sunday. More

Luxembourg history The mysterious death of Henry of Esch

While not much is left of the castle in Esch-sur-Sûre, the chapel that survives has been cloaked in legend since the mysterious appearance of the châtelain's ghost in the 11th Century. More

Made in Luxembourg Cutting the mustard in a family business

Roland Munhowen has been at the helm of the "Moutarderie de Luxembourg" for some 17 years. Speaking to Wort.lu he explained what challenges the company faces, how it is preparing for the future and what the Made in Luxembourg label means to the business. More

South Luxembourg Blast from the past - the history of Belval

View over Belval and the blast furnace

The modern Belval site in the south of Luxembourg turned twelve years old in 2017, but did you know that the history of this area stretches back over 100 years? Wort.lu explains. More

Boulevard Emmanual Servais The story of Luxembourg's US Embassy

Ambassade des Etats-Unis le 28/08/2014 photo Tania Bettega

From housing notorious villains to iconic American envoys, the 95-year-old US Embassy building in Luxembourg has seen plenty of action in its time. Wort explores its past. More

The L Word Help, martens have invaded my car!

If you’ve ever considered urinating on your own car engine, you probably need some serious psychological help. Unless, of course, it’s the desperate last-resort action you’ve taken to stop martens from invading your car. More

Entrepreneurship Women with entrepreneurial flair needed

The Entrepreneurial Woman Project is a cycle of workshops designed for women willing to set up a business and needing guidance on commencing the process.

In its fourth edition, the Entrepreneurial Woman Project starts on September 30 and is open to women of all nationalities and backgrounds. A good command of English and commitment are required. More