The L Word Say no to Lux-bashing!

When you live in a country where so many people come from somewhere else, people introduce themselves differently. More

Food Luxembourgers and Arabs find their way to 'Babylon'

As the number of people from Arab countries coming to live in Luxembourg increases, so has the number of shops catering to Arabic tastes, as well as restaurants, shisha cafés, and even small markets selling traditional Arabic consumer goods. More

The L Word What’s in a flag?

Luxembourg's civil plag, left, and its national flag, right

Since it’s national day, and there is a lot of flag waving going on in Luxembourg, columnist Sarita Rao investigates why Luxembourg has two different flags. More

Kanner-Jugendtelefon Part VII Finding the right balance during school holidays

The seventh part of the 'Kanner-Jugendtelefon' comic series about "Bod", looks at how breaking up for summer holidays can affect children and how to balance activities with boredom. More