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(TL/ADW) "I play on the culture of secrecy. I tell them, 'Do not come otherwise there will be too many people!' We should build a wall around the country!" joked Hedda Pahlson-Moller, a business angel who took to the stage at the Rotondes Monday night.

Having fallen in love with Luxembourg 15 years ago, Pahlson-Moller stated how she found it difficult to explain where she comes from to those who ask from outside Luxembourg.

This was precisely the reason for the strategy launched by the government in 2013 which has advanced a bit since then. Following on from focus groups, three values emerged on which Luxembourgers and foreign residents agree. Luxembourg should be identified as “open, dynamic and reliable.”

With this is mind, the gala evening held at the Rotondes on Monday night was an opportunity to unveil a new logo.

The design has replaced the “x” in “Luxembourg” with a sort of cross that mixes the colours of the country's flag. The image should convey growth and stability. Under the logo a bold statement in English appears: "Let's make it happen.”

With an aim of quashing the poor business image LuxLeaks has purveyed on the country, Luxembourg has other cards to play.

"Our reputation suffered, and the various promotional campaigns need a common thread," said State Secretary Francine Closener on stage before an audience of VIPs.

As of Tuesday morning, the country's postal service has issued new stamps containing the logo, and several Luxair planes will also be emblazoned with it down the side.

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"We need the whole country"

As of Monday night, a new website was launched, which complements The website is equipped with videos, photos, stories of the country, benchmarks, etc.--in fact everything you might need to promote Luxembourg abroad.

“We need the whole country,” insisted Closener, with her hand held in a fist and smiling before an attentive audience.

Sasha Baillie of the Economy Ministry will ensure that a longer version of the promotional video, which was made in 12 cities around the world in under three weeks, will be broadcast on various TV channels. This additional material will enrich the site at the 2020 Dubai World Expo.

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