Made in Luxembourg

This series of interviews explores companies that carry the official Made in Luxembourg label.

Made in Luxembourg Cutting the mustard in a family business

Roland Munhowen has been at the helm of the "Moutarderie de Luxembourg" for some 17 years. Speaking to he explained what challenges the company faces, how it is preparing for the future and what the Made in Luxembourg label means to the business. More

Made in LuxembourgA local spin on homemade biscuits
Thierry Li, founder of Seabiscuit, shown here with his range of biscuits at the 100% Luxembourg store in Grevenmacher.

Thierry Li worked in import/export before starting Seabiscuit in 2011. After going to many trade fairs, he noticed food companies focusing more on marketing than on the product itself: "I started to feel like something was wrong." More

Made in Luxembourg"The mirror of our health"
Liliana Horta Coelho, founder of Lili's Bubble Dreams, has created a range of organic soaps and balms

For Liliana Horta Coelho, founder of Lili's Bubble Dreams, what started as a personal need to combat her skin troubles eventually led her to create 11 organic soaps and a range of body care products. More