Record passenger numbers at Findel airport

Photo: Gerry Huberty

(CS) Luxembourg's airport in Findel is continuing to grow, recording a 22 percent increase in passenger numbers in April 2014 compared to the previous year, with freight tonnage also up.

Lux-Airport said in a press release that last month marked the first time that the 200,000 passenger mark was cracked this early in the year, with passenger numbers up to 214,806. “If these trends continue, the airport is set to break through the barrier of 2.5 million passengers in 2014,” a statement released on Thursday said.

The late Easter holidays are partially responsible for the high turnout – last year spring break was split between March and April,while this year it was fully in April – however, it cannot fully account for the airport's growing popularity among travellers.

Luxair was the strongest airline, transporting 135,494 passengers in April, an increase of 23 percent year-on-year. The strongest growth, however, was experienced by easyJet and Turkish Airlines, with the former seeing an 80 percent jump in passenger numbers since April 2013.

Turkish airlines meanwhile is set to celebrate the first anniversary of its Luxembourg connection next month, having recently increased its number of flights to Istanbul to a daily connection.

So far this year, 671.322 passengers travelled via lux-Airport.

More destinations in the future

The amount of cargo passing through Findel has also increased, with 60,333 tonnes of goods turned over at lux-Airport in April – a 13 percent increase compared to the same time last year.

In the first four months of 2014, 234,386 tonnes were transported, leaving lux-Airport optimistic that they will reach 750,000 tonnes by the end of the year.

“On a monthly basis this is probably one of the strongest increases in the history of the airport,” lux-Airport CEO Johan Vanneste commented. “Aviation is typically a sector which is slightly ahead of the real economy, so this may be a sign that the economy is picking up again,” he said.

Especially the increase in passenger numbers and the strong growth of several airlines left Vanneste optimistic about the future. “This proves that the airport of Luxembourg is very attractive for passengers coming from a wide catchment area. I am confident that this growth will continue and that more destinations will be added to our network in the future,” he concluded.